Wednesday, 22 February 2017

1000% return in 18 months (Water Beaute World)

Some additional information about WBW

公司网站 Company official website

系统网站 System Login

比特币兑换 Bitcoin Exchange

全支付 Grabpays

万里行商城 Wlx88

宝藏俱乐部 Treasure Club

Some Digging Information (Mostly from Facebook)
1) Max investment return of 4x or 10x depending on the package invested (buying e-share).
    a) USD1000 - USD3000 package gives a maximum 4x return.
    b) USD5k package gives a maximum 8x return.
    c) USD10k package gives a maximum 10x return.
2) You may exchange the e-shares with Public Listed companies shares where WBW owns a large percentage of the shares.
3) Exchange for landed properties/condo using e -shares as initial payment.
4) Can pay monthly installment using e-shares.
5) Grabpays apps. A percentage of $ from sale of e-shares is allocated to spending wallet (G Pin wallet).Can pay for utility bills & spending at merchants outlets.
6) Selling e-shares to company directly instead of trading in the members' SELL/BUY market will enable e-shares sold will be disposed off; instead of returning into the system.

My Comment
This seems like a legit company with SSM registration and etc but I can't comment much cause I personally did not put money into it.

Again my advice is invest what you can afford to lose, don't be greedy and put your life saving into it.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

20% Returns Per Month (legit or scam?)

Was enjoying my cup of coffee when my brother let me know latest amazing investment which gives a return of 20% per month, I almost choked (don't worry I am fine).

The investment scheme is called JJ Poor to Rich (JJPTR), they have their own website too.

Some nice FAQs
1. How much can I earn every month?
20% of your investment every month in USD. About 18% for other currency due to exchange rate spread.

2. Can I withdraw principle investment fund anytime?
Yes, subjected to 1 % withdrawal fee.

3. What is the minimum amount ans maximum amount to invest?
The minimum amount is 25 USD and the maximum amount allowed is 1000 USD (you have to create another account with different name if you want to invest more).

Word of advice
Like every other high interest pyramid scheme, one day it would just stop paying investors and also the possibility that owner running away with all those money. So the best question to ask is when this boat going to sink?

I think my cat know the answer. My advice to you all is only invest what you can afford to lose, don't be greedy and put your life saving into it.

Additional Tips
Another thing to be very careful about these scheme is a lot of people going to get burned, if you are trying to recruit people, make sure you let them know the full risk or you might lose a close friend or even your family member's trust.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Make $10,000 a week on YouTube

YouTube now pays on average 3$ (up to 10$) for every 1000 view, the amount strongly depends on the keyword of the video and viewer clicking the ads. Psy - Gangnam Style have close to 3 billion views on YouTube, can you imagine how much you can earn with that much views. Stop dreaming and start now!!!..

1) YouTube account: If you already have a google/gmail account, you can log into YouTube right away without any fuzz, if you don't then setting up one should be pretty straight forward. Just visit and follow the instruction.

2) Adsense account: Next visit and use the same google/gmail account that you just created to log in. Here you need to link your YouTube account with Adsense account. Please take note that YouTube pays its video publisher through AdSense.

3) Video Upload: Its done, go back to YouTube and start uploading your videos. Also make sure no one is playing online game when you upload as you don't want them screaming at you.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

4) YouTube Analytics: Once you are done uploading, YouTube Analytics have a lot of good info about your videos and your viewer.