Wednesday, 8 February 2017

20% Returns Per Month (legit or scam?)

Was enjoying my cup of coffee when my brother let me know latest amazing investment which gives a return of 20% per month, I almost choked (don't worry I am fine).

The investment scheme is called JJ Poor to Rich (JJPTR), they have their own website too.

Some nice FAQs
1. How much can I earn every month?
20% of your investment every month in USD. About 18% for other currency due to exchange rate spread.

2. Can I withdraw principle investment fund anytime?
Yes, subjected to 1 % withdrawal fee.

3. What is the minimum amount ans maximum amount to invest?
The minimum amount is 25 USD and the maximum amount allowed is 1000 USD (you have to create another account with different name if you want to invest more).

Word of advice
Like every other high interest pyramid scheme, one day it would just stop paying investors and also the possibility that owner running away with all those money. So the best question to ask is when this boat going to sink?

I think my cat know the answer. My advice to you all is only invest what you can afford to lose, don't be greedy and put your life saving into it.

Additional Tips
Another thing to be very careful about these scheme is a lot of people going to get burned, if you are trying to recruit people, make sure you let them know the full risk or you might lose a close friend or even your family member's trust.

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